Data Hackathon

The fast and uncomplicated access to your data

You already have data but do not really know how to start with it? Are there any uncertainties as to what you could actually get out of the data? Or are you unsure what you are actually allowed to do with it in terms of DSGVO?

Then this workshop is the right one for you. Within 2 days you can start!

What can happen during the data hackathon:

  • Data analysis, which gives you an overview of the data and provides first insights
  • Potential assessment for further applications
  • Prototyping of prognosis algorithms, anomaly detection


  • Kickoff Date for getting to know each other, clarifying the data basis and the objectives
  • 2-day data hackathon
  • Evaluation and presentation of results

Your Value

After the intensive 2 days you will have first insights from your data and can estimate the potential. Building on this, you will know how to proceed in order to achieve your goals. Together we will derive a data strategy that will enable you to get the most out of your data in the future. Create a fast and uncomplicated start.


Are you interested? Then you are welcome to contact me!